006 THE PEAK fashion&watches 36 Watch opener Just keep swimming. 38 DIVE DOWN WITH ST YLE Start your new year on a fresh slate and these handsome timepieces designed for total immersion. 44 TAKING STOCK What watch CEOs and founders are looking forward to in 2024. 50 FUTURE-PROOFING A FAVOURITE The RM21-02 Tourbillon Aerodyne gets a fresh new home. 52 THE ART OF FUSION Takashi Murakami on contradictions and success. 54 COMEBACK QUEEN A comprehensive guide to pearls as they come back into fashion once again. 60 A CUT ABOVE Boucheron CEOHelene Poulit- Duquesne is on a mission to shake up the jewellery industry. 62 ALL SEWN UP We look at why Korean tailors are gaining popularity among menswear fans in Singapore. contents January / February 2024