120 THE PEAK back view January / February 2024 A Signature Regeneration RIMOWA's new eco-friendly Signature collection merges heritage with sustainability, marking a new era in luxury travel. RIMOWAcelebrates its 125thanniversarywith the launchof its Signaturebag collection. Crafted fromregenerated nylon, this innovative range underscores the brand's commitment to environmental stewardship. The collection draws inspiration from RIMOWA's iconic monogram and the Kölner Dom's spires, beautifully melding heritage with modernity. The range includes the RIMOWA Signature Flap Backpack Large, the Signature Duffle Bag, and the Signature Sliding Tote. Each piece embodies functionality and eco-friendly design and is made frommaterials reclaimed from landfills and oceans. Available globally fromNovember 30, 2023, these bags epitomise RIMOWA's legacy of craftsmanship and its dedication to sustainable practices in luxury travel goods. text Z AT A S THA PHOTO RIMOWA