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4 MAY ’23 HERWORLD MAY 2023 BEAUTY 46 HW ENDORSES New luxury skincare infused with marine ingredients. 49 BEAUTY EDITOR’S FAVES The best skincare and makeup product launches to know. 50 CROSS THE LINE Achieve a plump pout with expert tips on how to overline your lips in a natural- looking way. 54 HAIR TODAY, GONE TOMORROW Looking for a way to treat excessive hair fall? Here are the answers and steps you can take to help prevent hair thinning and hair loss. 58 WHY IS BIRTHING MAKEUP SO POPULAR? Experts and content creators share their thoughts on this booming trend. 62 Masculine scents that are also perfect for women 62 THEY & THEM When it comes to smelling good, these gorgeous scents are the ultimate crowd-pleasers. PHOTOGRAPHY NUR ATHIRAH ANNISSA ART DIRECTION & STYLING ADELINE ENG O S L E