CLEO.COM.SG MAR/APR 2020 PLAY GEEK CHIC TEXT LINA ESA & LIM LEE ANN Enjoy your podcasts in the best of untethered technology. WRITE AND BE GOOD AT IT If you love to write and want to monetise that, Am Writing is the podcast for how the book publishing world works. Find out how to set goals as an author, work with a publicist and where you can go when your creation is still a WIP. LIVE UP TO YOUR BEST A source for inspiration! On Girlboss Radio With Sophia Amoruso you’ll be able to tune in to amazing conversations with trailblazing women who speak about their work while living life on their own terms. Here's to turning your life around! CELEBRATE YOURSELF Nicole Byer, the host for Why Won’t You Date Me? is asking the question — why has she been single for decades? She’s on a quest to chart the tricky terrain of dating. GET UP AGAIN Have you ever thought what would happen if you had a second chance at your life or job? The founder of Who What Wear, Hillary Kerry, is the host of Second Life , where she has honest conversations with women who took the plunge to start over again, and all of the ups and downs that come with. You, Unplugged Now's the time for self- optimisation — plug into these podcasts that ’ll have you saying “turn it up!”. Hear, Hear! LEVELLED UP The Apple AirPods Pro are worth it: these in-ear beasts cancel noise, provide a secure in-ear fit and come with a smaller charging case. You’ll get up to 5 hours of listening time, too. They’re compatible with both Apple and Android! SMOOTH SWITCH These Sony wireless earbuds are made for those who appreciate rich bass and crisp sound quality. The Quick Attention is super-useful — place a finger over the earbud to allow ambient sound to come in. LIKE A GLOVE What you’ll want with any pair of earphones is a perfect fit. This is when Jabra’s Elite 75t comes into the picture. Enjoy the comfort while having battery life of up to 7.5 hours and 28 hours of usage with its charging case. Apple AirPods Pro, $379 Jabra Elite 75t, $288 Sony WF- 1000XMF, $349