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EFENDE THE WORLD’S TOUGHEST 4x4 HAS LANDED! TESTED TO EXTREMES BY LAND ROVER... WE TAKE IT FURTHER Pictures, stats, opinion... everything you need to know about Land Rover’s tricky second album KDN PP14953/03/2013 (032142) o FULL STORY ON OUR INTERSTELLAR COVER SHOOT LAMBORGHINI SIĀN Lamborghini goes hybrid: Is nothing sacred? VW ID . 3 Beetle, Golf... now the people’s EV is here WORLD EXCLUSIVE! 483 BUGATTI BREAKS KPH NOVEMBER 2019 R M 1 2 . 0 0 PENINSULAR MALAYSIA R M 1 4 . 5 0 SABAH & SARAWAK TGM EXCLUSIVE: THE UNSUNG HEROES BEHIND THE 2019 PROTON SAGA