3 WWW.FEMALEMAG.COM.MY BEAUTY 58 BEAUTY PICKS: TIME TO REJUVENATE Take it easy on the weekends and indulge in self-pampering sessions so you can kick off each new week feeling refreshed! 62 BEAUTY INSIDER: A LOVE LETTER TO JAPAN Inspired by the Japanese word tatehana , which refers to the beauty of a single flower, Tatcha brand founder Victoria Tsai takes us back to the start of her cult beauty brand. 63 COLOUR CRUSH: ROLL WITH THIS! Pantone’s warm Cinnamon Stick will instantly take you to a café with hot glazed buns and coffee! 64 BEAUTY TALK: THE SCIENCE OF BEAUTY Science educator and beauty content creator, Dr Michelle Wong tells us what you need to know about product combos, ingredients and more with the help of her go-to gems. 65 BEAUTY EDIT: NO HARSH FEELINGS Calm down, beauty lovers with sensitive skin, as we share with you a line-up of no nasties (irritants, synthetic fragrances and harmful colourants) and soothing textures! 66 BEAUTY FEATURE: FINDING SYMBIOSIS FROM WITHIN Our writer, Nabila Azlan explains the beauty of having pre- and probiotics in skincare products. 72 BEAUTY FEATURE: YOU, WITH THE GOOD HAIR Our Fashion & Beauty Editor, Sarah Hani Jamil talks to hairstylist and founder of Hair Menu Wigs, David Shaw on how the hair plays a big role in boosting self-esteem. 78 NAIL SPREAD: MAN, YOU NAILED IT! The man-icure movement is becoming more popular as guys flex their fingertips with versatile and neutral nail art designs, which we could borrow from. 85 BEAUTY SPREAD: KEEPING IT SMOOTH From dry skin to limp hair and cracked lips, we let you in on some of our tried-and-tested solutions to these common beauty woes. PSST... What’s hot about Cinnamon Stick is that it has tinges of terracotta and brick red that’s flattering on any skin tone! pg. 94 pg. 63